Amended at the Annual General Meeting on the 7th February 2018

  1. The name of the Society shall be Howth and Sutton Horticultural Society.
  2. The objects of the Society shall be:
    a. The encouragement of Horticulture in all its branches;
    b. The holding of Shows and Lectures.
    c. The promotion of Home Industries.
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  4. The Society shall be composed of Ordinary Members, current Life Members and Honorary Members.
  5. Application for membership shall be made to the Honorary Treasurer, accompanied by the appropriate Annual Subscription.
  6. The Committee may elect to Honorary Membership any person whose association with the Society they may consider desirable.
  7. The Society’s Financial Year shall end on the 31st December.
  8. The Annual subscription shall be decided by the Committee.
  9. A member’s first subscription shall be payable on becoming a member and subsequent annual subscriptions are due from the 1st January each year.
  10. Should an ordinary member fail to pay his or her Annual Subscription in the year in which it becomes due, the option of lapsing that membership shall be at the discretion of the committee.
  11. All members shall be entitled to attend the General Meetings of the Society and all Members shall have power to vote at such meetings.
  12. The business of the Society shall be conducted by the President and a Committee which shall consist of the Vice President, Chairman of the Society, the Vice Chairman, the Honorary Treasurer, the Honorary Assistant Treasurer, the Honorary  Secretary, the Honorary Assistant Secretary, and Ordinary Members elected or co-opted as hereafter set forth. 
  13. The Committee shall elect its own Chairman and officers at the first meeting after the AGM.  It is preferred that officers of the Society should serve no more than 3 years in any one session.
  14. Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
  15. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in February of each year.  The Committee shall nominate a suitable candidate for President of the Society and the members of the Society shall elect the President, and Members of the Committee for the ensuing year.
  16. The Committee shall have power to co-opt extra Members who shall be members of the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting held after their appointment.
  17. The Committee may appoint Committee members to carry out the business of the Society and permit such members to utilize if necessary the assistance of non Committee members in the discharge of their duties.
  18. The Committee may call a General Meeting at any time for any purpose on a requisition signed by at least fifteen Members.  The Secretary shall call a General Meeting within one month of said requisition but such General Meeting may only consider the business set out in such requisition.
  19. The Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting called under the preceding Rule may amend in any way these Rules provided that notice of any proposed amendment shall have been given to the Honorary Secretary at least 28 days before the Meeting.
  20. A decision to wind-up the Society shall only be taken at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.  The resolution must have the assent of two thirds of those present and voting. In the event that the decision to wind-up the Society is agreed, the Committee shall make provisions for all outstanding liabilities of the Society.  The Committee may transfer the remaining funds to any charity or charities which in their view has similar purposes and objectives as those of the Society or to any other charitable cause which may benefit the villages of Howth, Sutton and Raheny.


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