Duties of Stewards on Show Day

(p.15, paragraph 10 of RHS Rules)

  • Stewards should not have an interest in the particular section being judged or comment on the work of the judging.  At all times stewards should keep at a discreet distance from the judge.
  • Stewards should make no comment except to answer any administrative queries raised by the judge, nor should they take part in any technical aspects of judging.
  • Stewards should familiarise themselves with the schedule and the layout of the classes in order to give clear and precise guidance to exhibitors on arrival.  They should be available to move exhibits in their classes where necessary to make room for late arrivals.
  • A steward should endeavour to see that all exhibits are staged in their appointed places and that each has an entry card placed face downwards. He/she should also look out for mistakes which exhibitors are apt to make, especially when pressed for time, such as staging too few or too many specimens and, if possible, get the exhibitors to put matters right before the time fixed for the completion of staging.
  • Stewards should check sizes of pots/containers or spaces and advise judges where entries are not in accordance with the schedule.
  • Before judging begins the stewards should see that everyone leaves the hall except those authorised by the committee to be present during judging.
  • Before judging starts the show manager will hand each class steward a clipboard with appropriate exhibitor result charts and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and commended stickers.
  • Stewards must ensure that judges have knowledge of special prizes. Awards and trophies to be given.
  • Stewards must ensure that judges do not miss judging a class or part of a class.
  • When the judge indicates that a class has been judged, the steward is responsible for seeing the prize stickers are affixed to class cards, and that comments on why a class/exhibit has been marked NAS have been made on the appropriate cards.  Finally, class cards must not be upturned to display appropriate prize sticker until all judging, including special prizes, President’s prize, trophies and RHSI spoons, has been judged.
  • Special prizes will be indicated on the exhibitor result charts.
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